About me

Spherical Aberration is the audio-visual project of Ioana Bilea , a visual artist and producer from Transylvania, currently based in Berlin. After spending a big part off her life in lush forests and organic sounds, she decided to bring these audio visual stimulants to live with real-time generative visuals techniques and ambient sounds that flow and transform creating a world of their own.

Ioana studied and worked with 3D landscape maps and satellite data on vegetation and pollution and then decided to apply all she learned in making generative visuals, bringing awareness to the organic world through intricate visual works.

Musically, she creates ambient textural layers and dark drones with eerie vocals or soft pads to blend with the flowing visual world. A lot of the sounds come from recordings taken in various natural landscapes or spaces with unique sounds such as Orthodox monasteries and caves. The music and visuals coexist and evolve together in a generative AV dialogue. The performance is designed a ritual, a deep meditation to calm the mind and soul, to allow feelings to flow free and open the heart.

Ioana performed in events such as Atonal, Sonar Reykjavik, Roskilde, Room4Resistance, Ableton Loop, Éclat Crew Isolation Sessions, Resonate Cph.

Spherical Aberration =  is an optical effect observed in an optical device (lens,mirror, etc.) that occurs due to the increased refraction of light rays when they strike a lens or a reflection of light rays when they strike a mirror near its edge, in comparison with those that strike nearer the center. It signifies a deviation of the device from the norm, i.e., it results in an imperfection of the produced image.



October - November 2017 - Touchdesigner Masterclass

February 2017 - Introduction to Processing

2012-2014 - Master (Msc) in Environmental sciences and ecology, Bucharest University

2009-2012- Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geography, Bucharest University

November 2008 - Photography course with Life Magazine, Brasov, Romania



November 2022 - Sonical Session, DK

August 2022 - Kune, DK

October 2021 - Resonate Cph, DK

August 2021 - Culture box Chillout, DK

July 2021 - Kune festival, DK

March 2021 - CCTV Stockholm, SE

October 2020 - Éclat Crew Isolation Sessions, Berlin, DE

September 2020 - Visualia, Reaktorhalle Stockholm, SE

February 2020 - Eclectique , About Blank, Berlin, DE

October 2019 - Room4Resistance, Trauma Bar und Kino Berlin, DE

September 2019 - Outtaendz V, Copenhagen, DK

July 2019 - Roskilde, DK

March 2019 - Room4Resitance, Berlin, DE

December 2018 - Outtaendz IV, Copenhagen,DK

September 2018 - Amural festival, RO

August 2018 - Atonal experimental music festival , Berlin,DE

June 2018 - Waxing phases, Berlin,DE

May 2018 - Outtaendz III, Copenhagen, DK

March 2018 - Sonar Reykjavik ,IS

January 2018 - Trashera, OHM ,Berlin, DE

November 2017 - LOOP :A summit for music makers, Berlin ,DE

September 2017 - LSB Berlin, DE

August 2017 - Amural festival,RO

2015- Gala Experimentalist,RO





email : sphericalav@gmail.com