About me

Welcome human/nonhuman. Let me walk you through my geography.This website is a collection of analog and digital works, a personal way of expressing visually my own reality as a form of art. I use vide0, sounds and installations to explore the ever elusive organic universe , building a bridge between multiple art forms and environmental sciences.

Spherical Aberration =  is an optical effect observed in an optical device (lens,mirror, etc.) that occurs due to the increased refraction of light rays when they strike a lens or a reflection of light rays when they strike a mirror near its edge, in comparison with those that strike nearer the center. It signifies a deviation of the device from the norm, i.e., it results in an imperfection of the produced image.



Ioana Bilea is an environmental scientist/artist, creating audio-visual works with ecological background. She works as a multimedia artist creating video art, visuals, installations and music.



Oct.-Nov. 2017 - Touchdesigner Masterclass

Feb. 2017 - Introduction to Processing

2012-2014 - Master (Msc) in Environmental sciences and ecology, Bucharest University

2009-2012- Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geography, Bucharest University

Nov.2008 - Photography course with Life Magazie, Brasov, Romania



December 2018 - Outtaendz, Copenhagen,DK

September 2018 - Amural festival, RO

August 2018 - Atonal experimental music festival , Berlin,DE

June 2018 - Waxing phases, Berlin,DE

March 2018 - Sonar Reykjavik ,IS

January 2018 - Trashera, OHM ,Berlin, DE

November 2017 - LOOP :A summit for music makers, Berlin ,DE

September 2017 - LSB Berlin, DE

August 2017 - Amural festival,RO

2015- Gala Experimentalist,RO


Tools :

Ableton Live


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere

Resolume Arena








email : sphericalav@gmail.com