Welcome human/nonhuman. Let me walk you through my geography.

This website is a collection of analog and digital works, a personal way of expressing visually my own reality as a form of art. I use photography, animation and installations to explore the ever elusive organic universe , building a bridge between media,art and environmental sciences.

Spherical Aberration def. :  is an optical effect observed in an optical device (lens,mirror, etc.) that occurs due to the increased refraction of light rays when they strike a lens or a reflection of light rays when they strike a mirror near its edge, in comparison with those that strike nearer the center. It signifies a deviation of the device from the norm, i.e., it results in an imperfection of the produced image.



Ioana Bilea is an environmental scientist/artist, from Brasov, Romania currently living in Berlin, creating visual works with ecological background. She works with music and culture events, as well as creative spaces, music and video artists doing video mappings, interactive media installations , photography, video editing and small workshops.


Feb. 2017 – Introduction to Processing

2012-2014 – Master (Msc) in Environmental sciences and ecology, Bucharest University

2009-2012- Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geography, Bucharest University

Nov.2008 – Photography course with Life Magazie, Brasov, Romania


September 2017 – LSB Berlin, DE
August 2017 – Amural festival,RO
2015- Gala Experimentalist,RO



email : ioana_bilea@yahoo.com